June 20, 2024

How the comfort zone is ruining your business with Sterling Hawkins

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Today, I’m joined by Sterling Hawkins. Sterling is an author, investor, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and founder of the #NoMatterWhat Movement. Sterling shares his journey from the highs of a multi-billion dollar startup to the lows of bankruptcy and personal collapse, and how he emerged stronger by embracing discomfort. This is a hyper-tactical conversation about how you can get out of any low point in your business by adopting the correct principles.


What We Unpack:


Facing and Embracing Discomfort:

  • Sterling’s low points in life and career and how they fuelled his personal growth.
  • The importance of confronting the unknown and uncomfortable for real growth.


“I do it candidly because a lot of these things scare me… It’s become part of my practice to grow myself.”


The Journey from Failure to Success:

  • Sterling’s experience with his family’s grocery store and the startup that evolved from it.
  • The collapse of his company during the 2009 financial crisis and its personal impact.


“I believe that as we grow as individuals, it translates into business.”


Hunting Discomfort:

  • The concept of ‘trusting the struggle’ and using discomfort as a tool for growth.


“If you don’t enjoy hunting discomfort, it will hunt you.”


Purpose and Value Creation:

  • How discomfort and challenges can help discover one’s true purpose.
  • The role of values in navigating uncertainty and aligning with a higher purpose.


“Values are the only guiding lights as we step into the unknown.”


Practical Advice for Leaders:

  • Strategies for senior teams to face reality and make value-driven decisions.
  • The importance of external accountability in achieving personal and business goals.


“When we lean into discomfort, we can learn up to four times faster.”


Key Quotes from Sterling:

“The way out is through. The things that I’ve been avoiding, denying, pushing away, those are my opportunities for growth. The things that I’m trying to survive despite are actually my path.”


“Discomfort is a biohack for making us better, faster, and smarter. When we lean into it, we can learn up to four times faster.”


“If you don’t enjoy hunting discomfort, it will hunt you. We end up living a much more uncomfortable life if we refuse to deal with it.”



Connect with Sterling:
• Sterling Hawkins’ book: Hunting Discomfort
• Sterling’s website: SterlingHawkins.com


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