MIND Methodology Services

Application always beats theory. The MIND Methodology services never puts process over what is most important

Set your Most Important Number

The Most Important Number is the north star that orients everyone on your team to move in the same direction.

Craft Drivers to improve your number

Drivers represent streams of work that help align your team's focus and create winning outcomes and results.

Do the right work at the right time

Now, everyone knows how to contribute to your team's success, working on actions that move the needle on your Drivers.


We improve your Most Important Number by treating it like our own

We aren’t a consulting company that asks endless questions, provides a report telling you what you already know, and then leaves you to figure out the next steps. We’re in the game with you, actively focused on helping you win.

How we work

We help improve your results through simple, sustainable changes to how your team communicates, makes decisions, meets, and approaches work.

We call our approach the most important number and drivers (MIND) methodology. To start, we help you:

Trusted by exceptional teams

Jac Arbour

Founder and CEO

The methodology elements I find most helpful are the hyper-focus on what works well, what does not, and the visualization of the next iteration, followed by action for implementation, and the ability to hold everyone accountable for their actions within the same system.

Emily Anne Gullickson

Founder/CEO, A for Arizona

Our Most Important Number is 1.2 million. That’s how many K-12 students there are in the state of Arizona. I am so grateful for ETW, it has really helped us stay hyper-focused on putting students first in public policy and program work across the state.

Shalev Amar

Owner, Amar Law Group, PLLC

ETW has been great for my firm. It’s got people collaborating well and coming up with great ideas to move forward Drivers to increase revenue.”

Are you ready for a simple, sustainable way to achieve greater results?