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Hi, I’m Lee Benson. I grew my company from 3 to 500 employees with 15 consecutive years of 20% compounded average annual growth. Invite me to your next event so I can share my story and Methodology with your leaders.

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"Lee has built the best business management system I’ve ever seen."
Jack Welch
Former Chairman and CEO of General Electric, Fortune’s “Manager of the Century” and IndustryWeek’s “CEO of the Decade”
Lee Benson has the unique combination of strong leadership insight and extensive business experience.

"He’s mastered the connection between culture and financial results, and demonstrates this regularly by helping business leaders focus on improving what’s most important in order to win. Lee is humble yet sophisticated, and he understands all aspects of an organization from the factory floor to the C-suite of Fortune 100 because he literally succeeded from the factory floor to CEO himself."
Ted Geisler
CIO Arizona Public Service
Lee Benson delivers gold to the audiences he speaks to.

"He recently spoke at our global event, and our attendees haven’t stopped commenting about the simplicity and clarity he brought. He quickly became a crowd favorite for the high value and deep thinking that defines his communication style. I highly recommend him."

Dr. Kary Oberbrunner
WSJ and USA Today bestselling author of 12 books, and CEO of Igniting Souls and Blockchain Life
Lee Benson: Author & Speaker on Value-Creation, Leadership, and Coaching

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