We help you increase the value of your organization

…without wasting time. Our members collaborate to identify, and align the highest value-creating actions and initiatives for your organization.

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Don’t get lost in the crowd. Your EXECUTE group is an intimate (no more than eight) brain trust that genuinely understands you and your business so that they can provide in-depth and actionable support. At the same time, you become part of the larger EXECUTE community and the expertise and benefits it offers.

LEADERSHIP development

Be a better leader. Cultivate your value-creation capabilities by effectively leveraging the brainpower of the group and the MIND Methodology.

Actionable INSIGHTS

Make better decisions. Think through challenges and opportunities with CEOs that have a deep understanding of your business.

Accelerate GROWTH

Never stop growing. Members hold you accountable to consistently being at the critical place within your business needed to create the most value.


Collectively stronger. Access to resources, member support, their networks, and value creating services.

Experience the exhilarating insights of Lee Benson as he navigates the intricacies of Mastermind groups, charting their limitations and revealing how the EXECUTE MasterMIND outshines all others.

Don't let this opportunity drift away! Tune in now to hear from the expert himself.

What members are saying about EXECUTE

EXECUTE has brought focus and intentionality to growing my business. I leave each meeting with invaluable feedback and actionable efforts. EXECUTE brings everything down to actions with a complete focus on maximizing the value we create as leaders.

It's not just a conversation, it's not just a presentation; it's a working session...it helps me have actionable items I can take back to my business and execute immediately.

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After years of working with Lee and ETW, each year the business has grown and I've grown personally, and so the proof is in the pudding...we also get these really rich connections with other business leaders.

How we get there

Incorporate the same process and tools we have used to help thousands of leaders grow their businesses to leverage each member’s knowledge to improve your results.


  • Limited to 8 leaders per group (virtual or in-person)
  • Robust vetting ensures all members add value
  • Bi-monthly deep dive into your business
  • Expertly facilitated to maximize value
  • Methodology and tools drive transparency and accountability

Start your journey if you

  • Lead a small, medium, or large organization
  • Are serious about increasing the value of your business
  • Are committed to personal and professional development
  • Believe you grow faster when helping other CEO’s grow their organizations
  • Want to cultivate your holistic value-creation capabilities

Achieve extraordinary business results...

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