May 15, 2024

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Robert Glazer

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Today I’m joined by Robert Glazer, founder of Acceleration Partners. Robert shares his expertise on working smarter rather than harder, criticizing the glorification of excessive work hours and highlighting the importance of the 80/20 rule. He discusses how to focus on the tasks and customers that matter most, aligning personal and organizational goals with core values, and achieving sustainable growth.

Key Topics Discussed:

• The pitfalls of glorifying excessive work hours
• The 80/20 rule: Prioritizing the most impactful tasks and customers
• The importance of aligning goals with core values
• Strategies for sustainable growth in business
• The impact of clear expectations and feedback on performance


Powerful Quotes from Robert Glazer:

• “Working hard is stupid. You need to figure out the few things that matter, the customers that matter, the product, the pricing, and spend your time on those.”

• “If salesperson A makes 100 calls and brings in $10,000 in sales, while salesperson B makes 50 calls and brings in $100,000 in sales, I’m going to hire salesperson B.”

• “It’s not just about more; it’s about doing things faster, more efficiently, and with less energy.”


Key Takeaways for Entrepreneurs:


• Focus on What Matters: Prioritize tasks and customers that significantly impact your business. Apply the 80/20 rule for maximum efficiency.

• Align Goals with Core Values: Ensure that your personal and organizational goals are in harmony with your core values to achieve meaningful success.

• Cultivate Sustainable Growth: Emphasize sustainable growth by fostering a culture that rewards outcomes, not just effort or time spent.


About Robert Glazer:

Robert Glazer is the founder of Acceleration Partners, a global leader in the affiliate and partnership marketing industry. Under his leadership, the company has maintained an annual growth rate of 30% over 10 years and has received over 25 industry and company culture awards. Robert is also an accomplished author, having written six books on business and personal development.



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