April 17, 2024

Pouring Value into Every Aspect of Business: Insights from Bigby Coffee’s Michael J. McFall

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Michael J. McFall is the co-founder and co-CEO of Bigby Coffee, a leading coffee franchise in the United States. With a career path that advanced from being a barista to coffee titan, Michael exemplifies the power of hard work and hands-on experience. His leadership philosophy prioritizes people and purpose over profits (a familiar theme with great leaders we’ve seen on the show) reflecting his belief in the transformative power of purpose-driven business. Michael shares insights from his journey to the top of the industry which are a must listen to for any budding or seasoned entrepreneur.


Powerful Quotes for Entrepreneurs:

“Private enterprise is the most powerful force on the planet…if every single enterprise took on one small challenge, the amount of impact we could have on the planet is enormous.”


“The driving force for me has always been the opportunity to wake up and do interesting things in my life… Entrepreneurship is one of the most interesting things you can do.”


“So much of what we do in business is just common sense…stepping up when you need to step up.”



Key Takeaways:

Embrace Small Challenges: Entrepreneurs should consider their businesses as platforms for addressing societal challenges, even on a small scale, to create meaningful impact and creating value.


The Importance of Value Creation: The journey of an entrepreneur should focus on creating value that is not just financial but also emotional and spiritual, ensuring a balanced contribution to society. We can create an impact with our work and business
beyond our imaginations.


Growth Through Engagement: Personal and professional growth are intertwined. Entrepreneurs should foster environments that encourage this dual growth, facilitating continuous learning and adaptation. When people level up, so does business, so does
impact. It’s a win-win.


This was a fun and insightful conversation with another value creator who understands the importance of people in the workplace. Too often money is put over doing the right thing and creating true lasting value. What did you learn from this episode? I’d love to know!



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