June 5, 2024

Why Struggle is Good In Business with Ken Coleman

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In this episode of the Show Your Value Podcast, I’m joined by Ken Coleman, a renowned speaker, radio host, and career expert who works with Ramsey Solution. Today we discuss the importance of embracing struggle, fostering virtuous leadership, and the role of preparation in achieving success. Ken shares his journey from aspiring politician to influential broadcaster and author, highlighting the value of personal growth through challenges and the critical need for leaders to invest in their people.


Key Takeaways:

Embracing Struggle for Growth:

• Struggles and challenges are essential for personal and professional growth. They provide opportunities to learn and mature.
• Reflecting on past struggles can reveal moments of significant personal development.
• Embracing resistance, like the analogy of a plane needing resistance to take off, is crucial for progress.

Financial Literacy and Employee Engagement:

• Investing in employees’ financial literacy leads to higher engagement and productivity.
• Ken shared his experience with implementing Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University in his companies, resulting in life-changing impacts for employees.
• Addressing financial and health issues can significantly enhance employee performance and satisfaction.

Virtuous Leadership:


• True leadership is about caring for your team and investing in their growth and well-being.

• Virtuous leaders focus on serving others, recognizing unique contributions, and fostering meaningful relationships.
• Leadership should be about creating an environment where people want to stay and thrive.


Importance of Preparation:

• High performers succeed due to relentless preparation, which leads to reflexive performance under pressure.
• Preparation builds confidence, allowing leaders to transfer belief and assurance to their teams.
• Regular practice and readiness enable individuals to handle high-pressure situations effectively.

Connecting and Networking:

• Opportunities arise from being around the right people and in the right places.
• Building genuine connections, rather than transactional networking, is key to unlocking opportunities.
• Consistently engage in connecting with others to expand your network and discover new possibilities


Purpose and Passion:

• Understanding your design (talents) and story (experiences) helps identify your passion and purpose.
• Passion often stems from personal experiences and the desire to make a meaningful impact.
• Aligning work with your passion leads to greater fulfillment and success.


Cultivating All Areas of Life:

• Leaders should focus on holistic growth, balancing financial, emotional, and spiritual aspects.
• True success involves cultivating values that contribute positively to the world.
• Emphasizing a moral and virtuous foundation is crucial for long-term success and impact.



1. “We need more struggle and more pain because the more struggle and the more pain we have, the greater the opportunity for us to learn and grow.” 

2. “Relentless preparation leads to reflexive performance.” 

3. “Virtuous leadership is about caring for your team and creating an environment where people want to stay and thrive.” 



1. Ken Coleman’s Website
2. Ken Coleman’s Book: “From Paycheck to Purpose”
3. Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University


Connect with Ken Coleman:

1. Twitter: @KenColeman
2. Instagram: @KenColeman
3. Facebook: Ken Coleman Show

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