April 3, 2024

Why People are MORE Important than Profit with Jeff Hoffman

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Jeff Hoffman is a well-known global entrepreneur, motivational speaker, bestselling author, and force in the entertainment and business industries. His experience includes creating several businesses, including helping startups such as Priceline.com and Booking.com, as well as serving as an executive producer on Emmy-winning television shows. Jeff’s work as chairman of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, which spans 190 nations, highlights his commitment to supporting global entrepreneurship.


Powerful Quotes

“The most valuable resource in the world is not financial capital, it’s human capital. It’s not a funding game; it’s a talent game.” – Jeff highlights the paramount importance of talent over funding in achieving success and innovation in business.


“Innovators don’t use funding as a crutch; they use funding as fuel.” – The idea that true innovators leverage resources to accelerate growth and value creation, rather than depend on them to solve all problems.

“You failed because you failed to innovate, to do anything creative, to actually create value. That’s why you ran out of money, not the other way around.” – Jeff points out the real reason behind most startup failures: a lack of innovation and value creation.


Key Takeaways

Human Capital Over Financial Capital: Jeff emphasizes the vital necessity of skill and creativity over financial means in establishing a successful business. People are an organization’s most valuable asset, and cultivating their abilities and creativity is critical.

Culture and Value Development: The discussion focuses on the importance of developing a positive company culture that is aligned with value development. Jeff discusses how culture fits, and how creating conditions for employees to achieve at their peak may lead to significant growth and success.


The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Jeff epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit through his journey and experiences, emphasizing the need of constant innovation, value creation, and a willingness to teach and mentor others. His approach to entrepreneurship is holistic, taking into account not only the financial but also the material, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of value creation.



In this episode of “Show Your Value,” Jeff Hoffman provides insightful insights into
entrepreneurship, innovation, and the importance of human capital. His experiences emphasize the importance of developing talent, innovation, and a healthy culture to produce real benefits in the world. As we traverse the obstacles and opportunities of entrepreneurship, Jeff’s perspective reminds us of the underlying concepts that underpin success and influence.


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