Strategic value creation

Lots of people can help you with strategic planning, but we actually help you implement it

What makes us different

Traditional strategic planning often gets bogged down in intellectual abstraction, producing impressive-sounding plans that lack real-world impact or execution. At ETW, we challenge this convention. We redefine strategic initiatives as doing something different today to drive tangible value creation in the future. Our approach cuts through the clutter, replacing lengthy to-do lists with a laser-focused set of impactful initiatives that deliver clear results, not just empty promises.


Our philosophy is simple: do something different today to get better results tomorrow. We guide you in translating strategic aspirations into concrete actions with clear ownership and accountability. This ensures initiatives not only get planned, but get executed and deliver the value you seek.

How it works

  • A pre-meeting to align on outcomes and commitments
  • Collaboratively design and distribute pre-planning questions
  • One full-day strategy session
  • Four quarterly strategic execution meetings
  • Leadership team access to the MIND Platform for 12 months

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