April 10, 2024

Helping Yourself By Helping Others with Alana Stott

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In this episode, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Alana Stott, a visionary entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist at the helm of Wolfraven Omnimedia. Alana’s unwavering commitment to empowering women and children shines through her diverse ventures and storytelling, aiming to inspire and effect positive change globally. She’s released bestsellers such as “How to Ask for Money,” her empowering memoir “She Who Dares,” and a series of children’s books.


Her journey from a humble background in Scotland to impactful leadership in both non-profit and business worlds is both inspiring and instructive. Alana opens up about her motivations, the lessons she’s learned, and how she turns challenges into opportunities for growth.


Powerful Quotes:

• “Helping others was never a chore for me. If I saw someone in need, my first thought was always, ‘Let’s help them.’”

• “When you’re feeling down, the best thing you can do is help someone else. It takes you out of your dark place and brings a bit of light.”

• “Fear isn’t something to shy away from. It’s a sign that you’re moving forward, out of your comfort zone.”


Key Takeaways:

• Motivation to Help Others: Alana talks about her innate desire to assist people in need, a trait she’s carried with her from a young age. This desire is deeply rooted in her upbringing and has guided her actions and career.

• Benefits of Service: Stott emphasizes the dual benefits of service—how it aids those in need and enriches the giver’s life. She believes in the power of service to transform both lives and communities.

• Facing Fear: Alana discusses her approach to fear as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. She encourages listeners to embrace fear as a part of growth, pushing them towards their goals. I think every value creator is going to love this conversation with Alana. This is true value creation to make the world a better place. Value creators live to give!


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