Good leaders don’t delegate

You need to delegate more is common advice given to overwhelmed business leaders. 

While offered with the best of intentions, it misses the root of the problem; lack of clarity and ownership of essential outcomes.


  1. entrust (a task or responsibility) to another person, typically one who is less senior than oneself.
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Of course there are times when the unexpected occurs and you need team members to pick up the slack, but if you are constantly overwhelmed and wishing your team could do more, ask yourself why?

Ownership of outcomes is the answer

  • Every team member should know and own the 2-4 outcomes they are responsible for and how their outcomes create value for the team and the organization
  • Put your team in a position to win. It is the leader’s responsibility to create and model the systems and conditions for success.
  • Ownership diminishes the need to delegate. Team members do not wait for you to pass on a project, when they own their outcomes they take it before you know it needs to be done.

The Most Important Number and Drivers(MIND) Methodology™ aligns an organization’s outcomes and structure so that all team members are positioned for success. Hear Lee Benson discuss the value of this approach here.

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