July 3, 2024

The Art of Showing Your Value in Sales with Glenn Poulos

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This week, we dive into the world of sales with our special guest, Glenn Poulos, author of “Never Sit in the Lobby: 57 Winning Sales Factors.” When we reframe how we see sales as a value add to others, we completely change the game.


In this episode, Glenn shares insights from his extensive sales career, exploring the nuances of building strong client relationships, the importance of first impressions, and strategies for maintaining a positive mindset. Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or a seasoned business leader, Glenn’s practical advice and experiences are invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their sales approach.

What We Talk About:


  • The Power of First Impressions: Treat every interaction like it’s the first. This shows you are more than a robot and someone truly looking to add value to others.
  • Value of Persistence: Discover why “showing up with something in your hand and something in your mind” is crucial in sales.
  • Aligning with Top Brands: Understand why selling top-tier brands can significantly impact your success and how to make strategic decisions in your sales career.


Powerful Quotes from Glenn:

“You only get forever to make another impression. Treat every interaction like it’s the first because it is.”

“Show up with something in your hand and something in your mind. Always be prepared and bring value to every meeting.”

“Never fax the facts. Deliver important information personally to build stronger relationships and ensure your message is heard.”


About the Glenn:

Glenn Poulos is the co-founder, Vice President, and General Manager of Gap Wireless Inc., a leading product and service distributor for the mobile broadband and wireless markets. With over three decades of experience in sales, he has spent thousands of hours in the field or on the phone with customers and working with salespeople to help create several very successful companies.

After entering the sales field in 1985 as a Technical Sales Rep, Glenn founded his first company, mmWave Technologies Inc. in 1991 and simultaneously served as President of Anritsu Electronics Ltd. for 9 years. Using his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, he lectures groups on sales strategy, consumerism, and what motivates people at a raw emotional level.



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