February 14, 2024

Creating Value For Others Creates Value For Yourself | Doug Conant

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Doug Conant, stands out as a former Fortune 500 CEO with a remarkable trajectory that includes leadership roles at Nabisco, Campbell Soup Company, and Avon Products. He is not only a New York Times bestselling author but also recognized among the top 50 leadership innovators, top 100 leadership speakers, and the top 100 most influential authors worldwide. Doug is the founder and CEO of Conant Leadership, dedicating his expertise to nurturing leadership qualities in others.


Episode Highlights:

  • The Enterprise vs. Individual Agenda: Doug sheds light on a common oversight in the corporate world—enterprises often prioritize their agendas over the individual development of their workforce. He advocates for a balance and that investing in the workforce’s growth not only fosters individual
    development but also moves the enterprise forward.
  • Personal Milestones and Leadership: Reflecting on his journey, Doug recounts early influences that steered him towards leadership, including his fascination with historical figures and personal experiences that shaped his leadership philosophy.
  • The Importance of Engagement and Leadership Development: We talk about the critical role of genuine engagement and thoughtful leadership development programs. Doug criticizes superficial measures of engagement and underscores the need for meaningful development initiatives that truly enhance leadership qualities.
  • Rethinking Corporate Leadership Models: Doug calls for a reevaluation of current leadership models, advocating for a more inclusive approach that values individual contribution and personal growth alongside enterprise goals.


For more insights from Doug Conant and to learn more about his leadership philosophies, visit ConantLeadership.com.


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