Don’t stay in your lane!

Lanes are limiting

It is difficult to comprehend that in the digitally connected world of 2024, phrases like “stay in your lane” are still frequently used. Even though leaders say this with good intentions, the truth is that creating value necessitates proactive communication and cross-functional collaboration more than ever before.

Value creation requires collaboration

Each team member must take ownership of their role’s responsibilities and outcomes. However, it should not end there. When team members view their responsibilities as separate from others, it creates barriers and hinders collaboration. High-performing teams work differently. They operate like a Venn diagram, where each individual has unique responsibilities, but they also overlap and work together to achieve the team’s overall goals and objectives. This approach ensures everyone works towards the Most Important Number (MIN) and encourages teamwork.

  1. Ensure that everyone on the team agrees with how the team creates value and how that value is measured. This is your Most Important Number.
  2. Assign 2 to 4 Outcome-Based Responsibilities for each team member and link them to achieving the Most Important Number.
  3. Empower team members to achieve their outcomes while supporting each other without sacrificing anyone’s success.

Celebrating the #2

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