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About the ETW team

We are a team of job-juggling value creators taking the MIND Methodology and the MIND Platform to the next level. We are multi-talented system builders, always willing to jump in wherever we are needed, viewing no job as too big or too small, and excited to take on new challenges. This is foundational to our success.


Why choose ETW

Though we are in the business of helping teams accelerate results by improving what’s most important, the cause that gets us out of bed every morning is strengthening communities by improving workplace cultures. That infinite pursuit starts with the culture we create for our own employees. We aren’t perfect by any means, but we’re on the journey to improve each and every day.

Open positions

Coming soon!

Senior Developer

We’re looking for a product developer with the following competencies:

  • Required 3-plus years AWS experience and UNIX CLI
  • Required 3-plus years mySql and dynamoDB (Amazon)
  • Required 3-plus years of experience as a front-end developer, ideally with intense experience and knowledge of Angular and ReactJS
  • 3-plus years of experience in Java and Java frameworks (preferably Micronaut or Spring boot)

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