July 10, 2024

Never Too Late: Unleashing the Entrepreneur within ft Bruce Cardenas

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Welcome to another episode of the Show Your Value podcast. This week, I’m joined by the dynamic Bruce Cardenas to discuss the limitless potential for entrepreneurship at any stage of life. Bruce shares his inspiring journey from being in the Marine Corps, then a dedicated police officer, and ultimately, to a successful entrepreneur and executive at Quest Nutrition. This was one of the most remarkable conversations I’ve had in a long time.


What You’ll Learn:



  • Seizing Opportunities: Now is the greatest time to start a side hustle. With millions of small businesses for sale in America, the possibilities are endless. Don’t let dreams pass by unfulfilled—start small and grow from there.
  • Cultivating Value: Discover the power of showing up with no expectations. Bruce shares how his father’s civic-minded approach influenced his own path to success and shaped his life.
  • Work Ethic and Discipline: Learn how Bruce’s early jobs and military background gave him a strong work ethic, setting the foundation for his gigantic success in business.
  • Creating a Winning Culture: The importance of building a solid company culture, where every employee feels valued and motivated. Bruce shares practical tips on how leaders can foster a positive environment that drives success.
  • Never Too Late to Start: Bruce didn’t start in business until he was 46! Age is just a number and Bruce defied the conventional mindset to achieve remarkable success.
  • Purpose Over Pleasure: Understand the significance of finding your “why” and staying disciplined to achieve long-term fulfillment rather than short-term gratification.
  • Health is Priority: Bruce and I spoke about the importance of health and why it is paramount to anything you do in the value creation world.


This episode will ignite or even reignite that entrepreneurial spark in you and show you how to truly live a life of value creation. It was an honor and privilege to have Bruce on the show and I’m looking forward to a round 2.


Until next time, keep showing the world your value! ✨ 


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