March 27, 2024

The Single Skill That Builds Successful Businesses | Dr. Kaplan Mulholland

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Today, we are joined by Dr. Ann Kaplan Mulholland. She founded iFinance, a leading FinTech company serving consumers across North America and one of Canada’s most prominent companies today. Her achievements have earned her the prestigious title of Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000, alongside a reputation for her contributions to television. Garnering more than forty awards on both the international and national stages, Dr. Kaplan has also made her mark as the host of several television programs, including Global’s NYtv, The Ultimate Makeover, and CosmedicTv.


Powerful Quotes:

“Once you start to realize that you can create your own value and you own that, and there isn’t somewhere else to go, you actually have to be the maker of your own destiny… you realize the harder you work, the more focused you are… you have to learn too at the same time.”


– Dr. Ann Kaplan Mulholland

“I don’t think of myself as having a lot of drive. I just do, and I don’t stop… That’s my normal.”


– Dr. Ann Kaplan Mulholland

“You do good and you do not seek for anyone to ever say thank you, and you don’t seek recognition… you have to manage the expectations of people because often, when you don’t know someone and you do have the appearance of having means, often the conversations are two different conversations.”


– Dr. Ann Kaplan Mulholland


Key Takeaways:

The Essence of Value Creation: The art of creating your own value with a focus on hard work, continuous learning, and self-awareness. Ann’s journey illustrates that value creation is not solely about making money or material possessions but encompasses growth, contribution, and personal fulfillment.


Entrepreneurial Spirit and Drive: Dr. Kaplan’s story is a testament to the power of drive and persistence. She challenges the conventional norm of entrepreneurial drive as something extraordinary, suggesting instead that it can be as natural and essential as breathing, highlighting the importance of just moving forward without overthinking. This is a key trait I see in a lot of value creators.


Emotional Energy and Positive Impact: Dr. Kaplan’s approach to life and business, characterized by a relentless pursuit of positive impact without seeking recognition, offers a compelling model for genuine, values-driven success. A great way I heard this once was we should give without being “covertly kind”.


As a member of our Value Driven community and our mission to spread the message of value creation, you are going to LOVE this conversation. There were so many insights that really highlighted the power of value creation.


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