Ali Parnian

I use empathetic listening to understand your problems, then I blend patience with urgency to guide your team towards the win

My focus
  • Senior leadership teams
  • Strategy execution
  • Accountability

Spending time with my family, cooking , writing, painting, DJing, and spending time in the great outdoors

About Ali

I am a performance coach to CEOs of $100MM+ companies. I use creativity to solve tough problems and humor to bring teams along the journey. My extensive career as a CEO and entrepreneur has given me a strong understanding of the ins and outs of running a successful leadership team that gets results. I grew one of my businesses by an average of 20% for 12 consecutive years before exiting to start a new business. 

With a degree in psychology and neurology, I deeply understand how to help teams relate to each other. After two decades of leading teams, I now use that knowledge to help other teams achieve their goals. I love helping people figure out what’s most important for their business and creating the processes to get there. 

I have facilitated hundreds of meetings in various industries and at different leadership levels. This has given me a unique ability to coach teams with valuable insights pulling from diverse perspectives. 

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