Top-performing CEOs use this framework to 10x their business

Use the Most Important Number and Driver (MIND) Methodology™ playbook to increase profitability and improve the value of your business.

Used to score a 9-figure exit

The MIND Methodology™ was developed by Lee Benson, Founder and CEO of Able Engineering, who led the business to a 9 figure exit.

Exponential international growth​

Grew from 3 to 500 employees with 2,000 customers in 60 countries​

Continuous financial profit​

15 consecutive years of 20% compounded average annual growth

Optimize what's most important​

Uncovered an additional 40% capacity preventing 100 unnecessary employee hires ​

Endorsed by Jack Welch, Fortune's "Manager of the Century"

“This is the best business management system I have ever seen.”

Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of General Electric

The most difficult challenges to overcome as a CEO

  • My organization’s growth is stagnant
  • My leadership team needs to be more strategic 
  • We have high employee turnover
  • Our team continues to make costly mistakes and we often overspend
  • We don’t have an effective process for holding people accountable to results

Our formula to overcome these challenges

  • Align every team member on what is most important
  • Focus on doing the right work in the right order
  • Create parameters for making data-driven decisions
  • Establish clear roles and responsibilities
  • Improve clarity and accountability of every team member

What's in the MIND Methodology playbook?

The MIND Methodology is a framework for what we call eating (short-term results) and dreaming (positioning ourselves for long-term success) simultaneously. We achieve this through simple, sustainable changes to how your team approaches work. This results in:

 In this Most Important Number and Drivers (MIND) Methodology playbook, you’ll:

A letter from our founder

With more than 25 years of experience as a CEO, I understand the challenging tensions that exist between putting people first while remaining focused on performance. I owned and led Able Aerospace – a company we grew from 3 to 500 employees with 15 consecutive years of 20% compounded average annual growth. 

After I sold this business for 9-figures to Textron Aviation, I committed to helping other leaders achieve results as my next venture. I began ETW, where I now help teams work better together by improving what’s most important for their organization. My main focus is to help leaders develop an intentional culture through leadership development. 

Through this work, my team and I have created a unique methodology called MIND (Most Important Number and Drivers), where we help uncover the most important number for your team to achieve and the work that drives that number. This methodology has evolved over time as we built systems that can be integrated into any organization, whether it be a for-profit, non-profit, or government agency. Our team at ETW works with C-level executives, senior managers, and high potential leaders from small and mid-sized businesses all over the world. 

Trusted by exceptional teams

Mike Cordovana

CEO, Unique Design Solutions

Engaging ETW was the best decision we made in 2021. The MIND Methodology quickly aligned executive-level positions that had a different perspective which limited growth and synergy within our organization. We’re on a great path thanks to ETW.

Emily Anne Gullickson

Founder, A for Arizona

Our Most Important Number is 1.2 million. That’s how many K-12 students there are in the state of Arizona. I am so grateful for ETW, it has really helped us stay hyper-focused on putting students first in public policy and program work across the state.

Greg Lake

President/CEO, The Lake Companies

What I like about ETW is the focus on what drives the most important numbers. We implemented EOS and what I found is we were chasing all sorts of numbers to the point where they meant nothing. What kept coming back to me was a Tony Robbins quote: “Where focus goes, energy flows”. I wish you the very best with ETW. My team loves the process and to me, it just feels natural.

Are you ready to increase profitability and improve the value of your business?

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In this Most Important Number and Driver (MIND) playbook, you’ll learn how to: 

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