Full-contact Value Creation™

Growing your business is hard and can feel overwhelming. At Execute to Win (ETW), we understand because we have been there. We are value creation experts, which is why we offer solutions based on real-world results. Whether you join an EXECUTE MasterMIND™ or enact our MIND Methodology™, we can help you accelerate the value of your business.

When you are ready for full-contact value-creation, join EXECUTE, the ultimate CEO MasterMIND™ that harnesses the expertise and insights of its members to achieve exceptional results. Expertly facilitated using our proprietary MIND Methodology™, we help you overcome the challenges of creating real value.

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MIND: a better way to run your business

The Most Important Number and Drivers (MIND) Methodology™ is a simple, and sustainable system that improves your business results through better alignment, decision making, and accountability.

Get your copy of the transformational book by Lee Benson and start improving your team’s alignment, decision making, and accountability today!

Real-world results

Lee has built the best business management system I’ve ever seen.

Jack Welch | Former Chairman and CEO of General Electric, and Fortune’s “Manager of the Century”

We all want to grow, but life and business can be hard, so you need to find a system that helps you align your vision, goals, strategies, and people — ETW and their coaches are that help. Many consultants fall back on the easy job of “armchair” quarterback, but the ETW team digs in to become a part of your team every step of the way. They are genuinely invested in being your best ROI value creators. Even through a pandemic, we drove alignment, crushed goals, and grew our high-performance culture with their support!

Nate Lowrie | Former CEO of Valleywise Health

Our Most Important Number is 1.2 million. That’s how many K-12 students there are in the state of Arizona. I am so grateful for ETW, it has really helped us stay hyper-focused on putting students first in public policy and program work across the state.

Emily Anne Gullickson | Founder, A for Arizona
emily anne

ETW has helped our executive team communicate better, hold each other accountable for deliverables and provides me, the CEO, with insight into every area of the company and how they are creating value within our organization. Using MIND methodology and the ETW software platform has helped me understand the areas where we are doing great and the areas where we need improvement all in one easy to access location. This has helped us all take decisive action much more quickly than before.

Jim Triggs | President + CEO, Money Management International

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