Helping teams work better together at improving what’s most important

The most important number and drivers (MIND) methodology™ is a simple, sustainable way to achieve greater results.

The myths of success

There is no silver bullet. Improving results takes intentional focus and ongoing work.


What most people think success looks like


What success really looks like


Great ideas and leadership are what matters


Doing the right work at the right time matters most


A clear strategy will get everyone on the same page


Effective strategies emerge from focus and lead to better decisions


A management operating system solves all execution problems


Most systems—and consultants—make process more important than results

Trusted by exceptional teams

Travis Heriaud

Owner, AGK Restaurants

We brought on ETW before COVID-19. We were already an above-market performer, but when COVID hit, we outperformed the market by over 10%.

Nate Lowrie


We started using the ETW methodology in our team meetings and it has trickled down into every conversation we have. Without it, we certainly wouldn’t have had the ability to continue to run things as well as we were before COVID-19.

John Vehr

President and Owner

Our strategic planning session blew my mind. I had great expectations and it has exceeded beyond them.