Improve your Most Important Number™

The Most Important Number and Drivers (MIND) Methodology™ is a simple, sustainable system that improves your business results through better alignment, decision making, and accountability.

86% of employees and executives cite the lack of effective collaboration and communication as the main causes for workplace failures

The MIND Methodology revolutionizes how you think about your business and the work you do to accelerate your growth. 

Real-world results

Mike Cordovana

CEO, Unique Design Solutions

Engaging ETW was the best decision we made in 2021. The MIND Methodology quickly aligned executive-level positions that had a different perspective which limited growth and synergy within our organization. We’re on a great path thanks to ETW.

Emily Anne Gullickson

Founder/CEO, A for Arizona

Our Most Important Number is 1.2 million. That’s how many K-12 students there are in the state of Arizona. I am so grateful for ETW, it has really helped us stay hyper-focused on putting students first in public policy and program work across the state.

Greg Lake

President/CEO, The Lake Companies

What I like about ETW is the focus on what drives the most important numbers. We implemented EOS and what I found is we were chasing all sorts of numbers to the point where they meant nothing. What kept coming back to me was a Tony Robbins quote: “Where focus goes, energy flows”. I wish you the very best with ETW. My team loves the process and to me, it just feels natural.